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What We Do

Simplifi brings value and ease to your electronic needs which enhance the quality of your life.

We design, engineer, program, install and maintain smart home and commercial automation solutions throughout the Kansas City and Omaha areas.

Our solutions provide simple control and automation of lighting, motorized shades, audio and video systems, climate control, energy and power management, networking, and security surveillance. Our extensive experience, customer-focused approach, and high quality of service make it easy for you to experience all the benefits of customized technology solutions for your home or business.


Our Solutions

Smart Home Control

Audio Video Distribution

Lighting Control

Acoustic Solutions

Audio / Video

IT / Telecommunications


Home Media

Motorized Window Treatments

Multi-room Music

Pool / Spa Control

Outdoor Entertainment


Our Solutions

Integrated Room Control

Presentation Technology

Lighting Control

Video Conferencing

Audio / Video


Outdoor Entertainment

Security /Surveillance 

Smart Building Technology

Motorized Window Treatments

Acoustic Entertainment

Climate Control

Card Access and Surveillance

Conference Room / Professional Office

Don’t waste time in meetings trying to get a presentation launched on a complicated conference room AV system. An automation system makes it possible for virtually everything in your Kansas City offices be precisely controlled, from lighting, thermostats, and motorized shades, to display, projectors, and audio communication systems and more. A boardroom or conference room stuck in the 20th century won’t match the efficiency, productivity, and elegance of a meeting space integrated with the most current commercial automation systems modern technology has to offer. Gather around, and "Get It Done" with simplicity with a single easy-to-use interface to control the room for multimedia presentations, telepresence, remote training, and video conferencing.

Hospital Waiting Room

Medical / Dental Office

Automate technology in a medical or dental office to save time, create a stress free environment for staff, and enhance patient experience in waiting rooms, procedure and recovery rooms. Increase comfort and reduce energy costs with smart control of lighting, motorized shades, and climate. Enjoy one touch control to adjust lights to a preset based on each procedural requirement. Delight patients with simple control of entertainment during recovery and maintain a soothing atmosphere with music and video easily delivered to waiting areas and bathrooms. Stay in touch with nurses and patients via intercom/paging systems. Create a state-of-the-art simulation lab, training environment, or telemedicine system. Receive security alerts and view cameras after hours from anywhere in the world.



Elevate the dining ambiance and create a memorable experience for your guests with smart technology for audio, video, lights, window treatments, HVAC, and security. From a centralized touch screen, easily deliver entertainment on TVs on different channels and music from multiple sources. Controlling AV in a sports bar or restaurant can be simple for every member of your team. Adjust house lights effortlessly with one press of a button for lunch or dinner, or have lights automatically adjust over time without lifting a finger as your space transitions from day to night. At closing time, it takes one press on a touch screen to power everything down, lock doors, and arm the security system.


Fitness / Spa

Keep clients happy and create the perfect atmosphere for a fitness center or spa. We’ll create an integrated technology solution that is easy to use and will maximize efficiency so you can focus on providing the best service. Get intuitive control to change channels and volume levels of many TVs and music zones that are playing simultaneously throughout the space from different sources, including a fitness instructor’s smart phone. Conserve energy and water with smart control of lights, shades, pool, hot tub, and sauna. At opening or closing time it takes just one touch to power everything on/off, arm/disarm security, and set the temperature. Receive security alerts and view cameras after hours from anywhere in the world.


Event Space

Whether you're planning a large wedding or intimate birthday gathering, the event space

plays a very important role in planning the

perfect day. Different music zones with high output speakers will fill the event space with plenty of sound. We can provide an audio

jack for your client to bring their favorite DJ

for the event. With a touch of one button the lights can be lowered, music settings on, and everything set up perfect for the event.

Make it easy for the event space coordinator

to setup each event as desired by the client. 

The Locale.jpg

Multi-Dwelling Units

Automation and smart technology integration enhances resident and guest experience giving your development a luxurious differentiation and improving efficiencies for building management. Set ambiance in common areas with easy control of lights, window treatments, music, video, and HVAC. Staff can intuitively adjust lobby areas, meeting rooms, and fitness centers with one button press or let settings change automatically based on day, time and sensors. Develop an energy efficient building that optimizes lighting and climate with real-time monitoring and reporting on usage and schedule maintenance from a centralized touch screen.

Create your dream space.
Tell us about your project today.

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